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Our offer

For individuals

Meeting with alpacas

We invite you to meetings with alpacas, during which you can feed, stroke and cuddle our animals.

An additional attraction for children - a mini playground.

The admission ticket is valid for the whole day.

Walks with alpacas

We offer three types of walks:

- after the ranch (approx. 20 minutes)

- in the village (2 alpacas, approx. 30-40 minutes, max. 6 people)

- in the forest (2 alpacas, approx. 60 minutes, max. 6 people)


This is one of the fields of zootherapy after dogotherapy and hippotherapy that has recently appeared in Poland. It is based on the cooperation of the patient and therapist with the alpaca.

Alpacas are intelligent and curious animals, have a very gentle disposition and - which is very important therapeutic - delicate, soft and hypoallergenic fur (which does not contain lanolin). They do not show aggressive behavior and are friendly towards people.

Certyfikat Alpakoterapia Ajmaraya Alpaki

Alpacotherapy is not an independent method of treatment, it is a form of support for children and adults with various deficits or developmental disorders. During alpacotherapy classes, animals can be petted and cuddled. Therapeutic classes are conducted individually and depending on the patient's abilities and needs, the activity can be extended to walks and nursing activities. Just looking at alpacas causes the release of endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones, in humans. Contact with alpacas relaxes, calms down, helps to break mental barriers, build self-confidence and overcome one's own fears.


Animals do not divide people into poor and rich, more or less educated, they love despite everything ...

​ Animals do not divide people into poor and rich, more or less educated, they love despite everything ...

Observation deck

On the terrace overlooking the grazing alpacas you can spend time admiring the beautiful landscape with the scent of blooming roses and lavender.

Possibility to use bread back, grill, water, electricity.

Picnic and bonfire

On our ranch you can also organize a pleasant picnic by the fire surrounded by alpacas. Because what tastes better than bonfire potatoes?

Vegetable and fruit garden

The harvest of vegetables and fruits is the result of permaculture activities, i.e. human cooperation with nature. Every day we learn how to turn adversity into strength and bring out the positive in everything. The garden would not be so beautiful if it were not for the "alpaca gold" or manure.

Flower and herb garden

Everyone loves flowers, they not only look beautiful, but are also very tasty. As for herbs, we reach for those we know: mint, basil. In our garden you will meet herbs that you pass by indifferently or treat them as weeds. However, there are very useful and healthy weeds ... what kind? You will see for yourself by visiting our garden.


The farm has a mini playground with swings, a slide and a small climbing wall - an ideal attraction for children. Chalk drawing is always available for our kids and adults.

Sale of handicrafts

In our kennel there is a shop with handicrafts by local artists made of alpaca wool and more.

We invite you to buy souvenirs!

Payment in cash or to the foundation's accountLlamerada

Account number: 76 1050 1504 1000 0090 3140 3992

Llamerada Foundation

Title: Donation

alpaki ajmaraya fundacja llamerada rekodzielo

Photo sessions

We invite you to professional photo sessions in the company of alpacas. An unforgettable souvenir!

For organized groups

"From alpaca to sweater" show

Where does wool come from, i.e. from haircuts to the finished product

- description and properties of the alpaca fiber

- processing: sorting, cleaning, carding, spinning and weaving

- learning about the machines and tools needed to make wool

Handicraft workshops

Performing art work with the use of wool

- painting with wool

- wet felting

- dry felting

and other art techniques.

Historical and natural route

A walk in the forest and Dębowiec with a forest inspector or a guide from the Prudnik Region Museum.

The opportunity to learn about the history of Dębowiec and the natural values of the area.

Occasional events and culinary workshops

On the occasion of Children's Day and other special days. In summer, they take place on the observation deck, and in winter - in the foundation's building.

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