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The apartment is already booked by the end of 2022.
We invite you to meetings with alpacas!

Free Wifi

Due to the location in the forest, the telephone range is limited in the apartment. That is why we provide our guests with free internet access.

The apartment at the Ajmaraya alpaca farm can be booked in several variants:

1. Entire apartment (2 bedrooms, 2 living room, terrace, 2 bathrooms, kitchen) - PLN 500 / night

2. Half an apartment with a kitchen (1 bedroom, living room, terrace, bathroom, kitchen) - PLN 300 / night

3. Half an apartment without a kitchen (1 bedroom, living room, terrace, bathroom) - PLN 250 / night

We invite all interested parties to contact us!

apartament hodowla alpak ajmaraya konkurs

Free Wifi

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